Drug Glossary and Definition

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Drug Glossary - V

Valproic Acid Drugs Anticonvulsant drugs that are used to prevent seizures in epilepsy, and as treatment for migraine and bipolar disorder. They include oral drugs divalproex and valproic acid and the injectable drug valproate.
Vascular Pertaining to blood vessels.
Vascular Headache Preventatives Medicines prescribed to prevent the occurrence of or reduce the frequency and severity of vascular headaches such as migraines. These drugs include atenolol; clonidine; ergotamine, belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital; fenoprofen; flunarizine; ibuprofen; indomethacin; isocarboxazid, lithium; mefenamic acid; methysergide; metoprolol; nadolol; naproxen; phenelzine; pizotyline; propranolol; timolol, tranylcypromine, verapamil.
Vascular Headache Treatment Medicine prescribed to treat vascular headaches such as migraines. These drugs include butalbital (combined with acetaminophen, aspirin, caffeine or codeine); cyproheptadine; diclofenac; diflunisal; dihydroergotamine; ergotamine; ergotamine and caffeine; ergotamine, caffeine, belladonna alkaloids and pentobarbital; etodolac; fenoprofen; ibuprofen; indomethacin (capsules, oral suspension, rectal); isometheptene, dichloralphenazone and acetaminophen; ketoprofen; meclofenamate; mefenamic acid; metoclopramide; naproxen; phenobarbital; triptans.
Vasoconstrictor Any agent that causes a narrowing of the blood vessels.
Vasodilator Any agent that causes a widening of the blood vessels.
Vertigo A sensation of motion, usually dizziness or whirling either of oneself or one’s surroundings.
Virus Infectious organism that reproduces in the cells of the infected host. Viruses cause many diseases in humans including the common cold.

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