Drug Glossary and Definition

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Drug Glossary - R

Rauwolfia Alkaloids Drugs that belong to the family of antihypertensives (drugs that lower blood pressure). Rauwolfia alkaloids are not used as extensively as in years past. They include alseroxylon, deserpidine, rauwolfia serpentina, reserpine.
RDA Recommended daily allowance of a vitamin or mineral.
Rebound Effect The worsening or return of symptoms when a drug (such as a decongestant) is discontinued or a patient no longer responds to it.
Renal Pertaining to the kidney.
Retina Innermost covering of the eyeball on which the image is formed.
Retinoids A group of drugs that are synthetic vitamin A-like compounds used to treat skin conditions. These drugs include etretinate, isotretinoin and retinoic acid.
Retroperitoneal Imaging Special x-rays or CT scans of the organs attached to the abdominal wall behind the peritoneum (the covering of the intestinal tract and lining of the walls of the abdominal and pelvic cavities).
Reye’s Syndrome Rare, sometimes fatal, disease of children that causes brain and liver damage.
Rickets Bone disease caused by vitamin D deficiency. Bones become bent and distorted during infancy or childhood.

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